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        « 平板閘閥的產品標準,性能規范,主要零件材料第三屆溫州泵閥聯盟聚會圓滿完成 »



        1. 平板閘閥、型號編制說明   Flat-Plate Gate Valve、Model schedule illustration
        2. 產品性能規范、結構特點 Products performance specification、design features
        3. 產品主要參數 、工作原理 Main parameter of the products、Working principle
        4. 主要零件材料 Major parts material form
        5. 平板閘閥主要外形尺寸 Flat-Plate Gate Valve Main size of outside
        6. 注水閥 Water injecting valve 高壓平板閘閥 High pressure fllat-plate gate valve
        7. 補償式雙閘板平板閘閥 Fcompensation double parallel gate valve
        8. 燃氣平板閘閥 Gas flat-plate gate valve
        9. 電動楔式閘閥 Electric wedge-style valve
        10.排渣閘閥 Row of dregs valves 
        11.真空、水封閘閥 Water-seal vacuum valve 
        12.升降式止回閥 Fluctuation type check valve
        13.旋啟式止回閥 Carson Kai check valve

        平板閘閥產品結構特點Products design features

           Cast and weld two structures with the body

           The seal ring uses the floating seat ring structure with o-sear ring sealed and pre-tightening force applied to have inlet and outlet dual-way sealed;and the open-close moment with this structure is 1/2 that of the common valves only,able to lightly open and close valves.

           The seat ring uses the sealing face inlaid with PTFE,so has dual seals of PTFE to metal and metal to metal, the PTFE sealingface also acts as removing the dirt on the wedge disc.

           For the valve with the metal to metal seal,there is grease injector outside of it,grease gets into the sealing face through the injector and the seat ring to have the valve up to null leak.

           The wedge disc of the valve with flow guide hole is always fitted with the sealing face whether in full open or full close status to have the sealing face protected without being directly eroded by the medium so as to extend the duration.

           When fully opened,the valve's channel is smooth and linear ,with an extremely small flow resisting coefficient and no pressure loss,and the pipeline can be cleaned with hair-ball through it.

           This valve uses the packing structure with the ability of self-seal,needs no constant adjustment,features very light open and close and a reliable seal An assisting sealing grease injection structure is set in the packing to have the sealing performance absolutely reliable and get a true null leak,settling the problem for the packing place of universal valves to be easiest leak outward.

           Automatic removal of the high pressure in the internal cavity when the valve is about to close(see the working principle diagram)for the details) so as to ensure safety.

           Fully sealed structure leaves a good protective property,suitalbe for the requirement of 24-hour duty.

           An indication rod or viewing window is set Ascend and descend stemwith the valve to whow the open-close condition,Revolve stem with the valve Use a sealed gear-driving open-close indicating mechansim.

           The external surface of the directly built-in valve is corrosion resisting treated with epoxy coal bitumen and can be the same duration as the pipeline.






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